Saturday, July 21, 2012

Final Weeks-Just Shooting Around

Walked around Quinnipiac's Campus and snapped some shots. These were my favorite. The others can be found on my fotothing account.

Time to finish up...

Although yesterday was the official "last day" of class, you are still welcome to post through Monday morning... I will be doing the grades Monday afternoon.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the summer!

Best Wishes to all...


Thursday, July 19, 2012

For this week's assignment, I took picutres at Wickham Park, in Manchester, CT. This park is so amazing, and is filled with acres of themed gardens, scenic paths, and great views. This is a new favorite place of mine, and if anyone is looking for a relaxing daytrip, I really suggest checking this place out! Here are some of my favorite pictures this week, and many others can be seen on my fotothing website. Hope you like them.

Last week

Favorites of the last week...I love the top. My cousin Marlena was the model for my portraits. The bottom is also her and I love its simplicity.  The other two I just took and liked.

Self Portrait

Here are my redos of the portraits.  I tried to make the adjustments from the syllabus.

Portraits. My friends Ryan and Danielle.


This is a portrait shot I was able to capture very quickly of my stepfather dressing up as an elf! It was quite amusing to see him in this costume and thought it was the perfect picture for this assignment.